About Us

Issue Action Committees

We are the spirit of our group—it’s why we are all here. We keep our eyes on the horizon and seek out ways to defend, fight for, support, and move forward the issues we hold dear—the issues that represent protection of humanity and the world we live in.  

We organize, we act, we never stop. Join us.


2017 - 2018 Elections Committee. Strives to turn Virginia blue by supporting progressive candidates, getting women into office, and fighting against voter suppression.

Public Health Committee. Committed to protecting the health of the community through education, advocacy, and outreach at the local, state and national levels.

Environment Committee. Moves forward with the gains made in the Obama Administration, especially with regard to the Paris Accord, at the local as well as the national level.

Public Safety Committee. Promotes better understanding and communication between first responders and the communities they serve, and advocates for the safety and security of all who may feel unsafe or discriminated against on the bases of gender, race, religion, or immigration status.

Rights Protection Committee. Gender. Religion. Sexual Orientation. Humanity. Protects and advances policies promoting equality while fostering understanding, empathy, and open-mindedness. 

Community Strengthening Committee. Opens dialogues within the community, connecting groups and organizations that learn from and help each other...making our world a little smaller and better. 

The Women’s March on Washington Committee. Ad-hoc committee focused on supporting and organizing the Women's March on Washington.